INTASC #10: Community Partnerships

INTASC Principle #10: The teacher fosters relationships with school colleagues, parents, and agencies in the larger community to support students’ learning and well-being.

INTASC #10 Interpretation: I understand that as a teacher I have an obligation not only to my students and their parents but to the community as well. Education is a community concern and reaching out to the students to make a difference in their lives takes more then just one person. Working with the community helps build strong relations with the students and lets them see how community partnerships can work together. Showing concerns for my community allows my students to develop an interest to seek out and develop their own sense of community partnership.

Click here to view a picture from a student when I subbed:

I decided to put a picture I received from a student when I was a substitute teacher because I feel it is important to build partnerships with the students in my class. The bonds can be strong and as a future teacher I want to make a difference in my student’s life. I want them to succeed so that they can be productive citizens when they grow up and build community partnerships with teachers because of the experience they had with their former teachers.

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