INTASC #2: Human Development

INTASC Principle #2: The teacher understands how students learn and develop, and can provide opportunities that support their intellectual, social, and personal development.

INTASC #2 Interpretation: I understand that as a teacher I need to know and understand the different way in which students learn. To learn my student’s intellectual, social and personal development is a must. I understand I need to know different types of teaching strategies to address the different students in my classroom. In order for me to have classroom management, understanding my students is a must.

Click here to view my Children’s Bibliography for 2nd Grade:

The content of my children’s bibliography for 2nd grade is over a Integrated Literacy Unit on Dinosaurs. I believe it is important for students to see and be able to use different types of genres to illustrate the use of literature in their curriculum. For students to understand how to use different types of genres they need to be exposed to different genres, including ones they are not familiar with. This expands their knowledge, as well as learn how to pick a quality book to read either for enjoyment, an assignment or both.

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