INTASC #3: Diversity/Individual Differences

INTASC Principle #3: The teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.

INTASC #3 Interpretation: I understand that as a teacher I need to know and understand how to implement different teaching strategies to reach all my students in my classroom. I understand that I will have diverse, multicultural backgrounds and what one teaching strategy may work for one student may or will not work for another student.    

Click here to view my lesson plan powerpoint:   

This powerpoint is geared for kindergarten or 1st grade. I believe it is important to reach students as soon as possible to learn about their differences or commonalities. This powerpoint is an activity that has students make a little person of themselves. After the activity is over and all the students have made their “little” selves they explain to the class things such as: favorite food, places they have visited, or family traditions. This activity is meant to incorporate all the students in my classroom and shows that even though we may be different in some ways we are common in others. This is a great activity because it can be done with all sorts of modifications for your diverse learners.

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