INTASC # 7: Instructional Planning

INTASC Principle #7: The teacher plans instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.

INTASC #7 Interpretation: As the teacher I need not only plan instructions for my students but also be able to interconnect the subjects being taught to correlate with that of the subject matter, my students and the community. My curriculum goals need to meet the curriculum standards set forth by the TEKS.

Click here to view my Lesson Plan:

I decided to put my lesson plan that I presented to some students in a Mansfield Elementary School because it taught me alot as far as how to put a lesson plan together. The steps in achieving a successful lesson and to know where my students are as far as when to present new material to them is a must. The TEKS was the basis of my content and putting my lesson together in a way that was not only going to teach them a new concept but do it in a way that made sense and interesting was a real challenge. I love how my lesson plan went and what the students got out of it.   

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