INTASC #8: Assessment

INTASC Principle #8: The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social and physical development of the learner.

INTASC #8 Interpretation: I understand and appreciate how valuable both the formal and informal assessments are to understanding my students and their potentials. Assessments help assure that my students are where they should be academically. Using informal assessments along with formal assessments such as high-stakes testing can give me a better all around view of my students. By using assessments I can develop or modify lessons that can further the learning process. My assessments must be valid and reliable to achieve the intended goals of their objectives.

Click here to view my Assessment Assignment:

I think it is so important for a teacher to such as many different assessments as possible. I have attached my assessment assignment to show what I think is important when assessing students and especially what’s important when assigning grades to students. I believe the assessments need to be an accurate reflection of the content that is being taught. Formal as well as informal assessments of students knowledge help guide the teacher as to what the students have learned, yet we tend to rely primarily on formal testing. Informal testing can be a valuable tool to show student’s progress in work as well as student’s creativity in the content areas.

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