My Philosophy

My philosophy regarding classroom management:


             I believe that all students are entitled to the best education possible. I want to be one of those teachers who can deliver such an education by inspiring my students.  I believe there needs to be rules and consequences set in place by the teacher as well as by the students so that everyone understands what is expected of them. I believe the rules need to be fair and the range of consequences of these rules to be enforced but with dignity. I will inform my students about the concept of “fair and not equal”.


             As the teacher it is my duty to set forth a safe environment for my students to feel comfortable and be able to learn. I believe by everyone knowing what is expected from them learning can be fun, productive and without distraction. My rules will not be set in stone but modified from time to time to suit the changing learning environments. My students are individuals and I believe to treat them as such. Situations may occur that require me to be flexible, yet firm when needed for the best of the class.


             I believe in using a hand on approach to teaching however, I am also aware that I will have different types of learners and just one approach will not do for all students. I will adjust my teaching techniques as needed to meet the individual needs.



My philosophy regarding education:


         As a teacher, I believe communication on a daily basis with the children in my classroom is mandatory. The more interaction I can have with a student, the better the student will feel about completing skills successfully, and the better I will feel about teaching him/her the lesson. I will not assume the student understands what I am trying to say. I will ask questions to make sure my intentions are clear. I will take the extra time and effort it takes to succeed. In my student-centered classroom, I will be receptive to any questions or concerns one of my students may have.


         Secondly, I believe it is important for students to develop confidence not just for academics sake but for the sake of the community. I believe it is my responsibility to build confidence and self esteem in each child that walks through my classroom door. There are many different cultures in our society and integrating cultural diversity into the curriculum will be beneficial for all students; it will help to create a society that is rich in respect and character.


          Unfortunately, many children today come to school with difficulties that can get in the way of their learning. I want my students to express themselves, feel acknowledged, and be given opportunities to succeed. I will assist children in capturing new ideas about the world by giving them the tools to believe in themselves, to love themselves, and to become successful in life. However, I will stay in the realm of reality; students need to work hard to become successful. In other words, I will keep it real and authentic. I want my students to both believe in themselves and understand they have to work hard to achieve what they want. Nothing will be handed to them or given to them (including good grades). Their hard work will speak for itself. 


         Finally, I believe in developing a strong partnership between the home, school, and community. Schools alone can’t meet the needs of a child; all children need parental involvement and community support. I will develop this support by reaching out to families and making them feel welcomed in the classroom, on the campus, and at parent meetings. I will also encourage other teachers to do the same.  Community and parental involvement in schools allows everyone to work together in ways that create an environment in which understanding, trust, and respect increase.





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